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Dr. Donna Bowers Phillips is an exceptional General Dentist and clinician with over thirty years of experience. Dr. Phillips is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. She served our nation in many capacities, all with honor and distinction. She now serves, the greater low country, with the same honor and distinction. Patient care is her first love. She understands the need for preventive dentistry and all of its associated components.

Not only is Dr. Phillips a great family dentist, she is also a great wife, mother and grandmother. Having five daughters, three by natural birth and two through adoptions, she is prepared and understands the challenges that families face everyday. It is her desire that every person has the opportunity to visit Advent Dental and experience a warm, caring atmosphere. She understands if this is accomplished, smiles would be seen everywhere.

Having a great smile simply says your dental professional cares about you. Dr. Phillips is the best. She fully understands the business of building smiles. Dr. Phillips received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University in 1984. She entered the U.S. Army after graduation and quickly moved into and up the ranks towards promotion. She has practice for nearly thirty years and has rotated through the many specialties of the dental profession.

Dr. Phillips enjoys her work and is dedicated to giving patients the best care possible. A returning patient is her evidence of a satisfied customer. It re-affirms her position of care provider and clinician. Being the best is important to her and her staff. The staff consists of three, Board Certified, Dental Hygienist, seasoned with chairside experience. The administrative staff has worked within the dental field for over fifteen years. Each member of the staff has made a rotation thru each area of dentistry within the practice.

I you are looking for a great dental experience at every visit, we invite you to stop by Advent Dental at one of their two current locations. We want to make your visit MEMORABLE!


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